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Debbie is in the process of pursuing the astronomy and mythology of the UK this year for future teaching, so is offering a limited schedule of consultations, teaching, etc.  Feel free to contact her at debbie@debbiekeilastrologer.com and she'll handle your questions and other needs. 

In the mean time, enjoy her newly uploaded San Diego Sedna lecture:

Sedna is an amazing myth for our current times as it demands resourcefulness, sustainability, respect for our planet, children, animals and the sacred feminine.  Please enjoy them and the other ancient goddess/astrology/astronomy talks from Malta that follow:

http://youtu.be/TodnZRb-xSE  Video Part 1 on the astronomy and astrology of the phenomenal dwarf planet Sedna, with her (roughly) 11,000 year orbit around our Sun - and the message that she brings now that she's nearing Earth again....It’s about sustenance and survival…


The remaining video lectures are from Debbie's travels and studies to the magnificent ancient goddess sites of Malta and the remarkable Ice Age Art Exhibit from the British Museum.

Learn more about this magical, mystical place of Malta and all that it offers, listen to Debbie’s June 10, 2013 lectures:   Part 1:  http://youtu.be/tXLpLlUwRUUPt 2:  http://youtu.be/Gny2FSDCkds, and Pt 3:  http://youtu.be/38FocLAts48   


Here are links to A Conversation with our Ancestors through the Ancient Temples of MALTA 
August 10, 2014

Facilitated by our Featured Speaker Debbie Keil-Leavitt & SSJs Director Andrea Mikana-Pinkham
A conversation about travel to Malta and its ancient temples - older than the Pyramids and Stonehenge and what the acoustical, architectural and astronomical wonders there might suggest.

Part 1/Introduction: Ancient Sites of Malta: A discussion on the ancient sites of Malta, their acoustical and astronomical wonders, and the possibilities of what these treasures may offer.

Part 2: Maltese Myth and Legend, Climate Change, the Early “Goddess” Period, and Ggantija.

Part 3: Sound and Vibration, Ancient Sites of Malta: The Hypogeum’s Amazing Acoustical Wonders, an Ancient Healing Center?

Part 4: Ancient Sites of Malta: The Sky, Our Shared Stars, Travel and Credits

"Bringing the Sacred Feminine to Life & Balance in Our Charts"

17,000 yr old depiction of the constellation Taurus –Lascaux Cave, FR

The Goddess on the Rise: Until recently, female archetypes in popular Western Astrology were limited to "Mother Moon" and "Lover Venus." While they served as powerful mythic figures, the many facets, layers and powers of the Sacred Feminine, or "Yin Within" our charts weren’t clearly portrayed in all their richness and beauty.


This artwork compliments of DestinyHoroscope.com




Then in the last half of the 20thcentury feminine power blossomed in all its aspects, art forms and multi-cultural expressions -just as, astrologically, our newly discovered sister planet Sedna appeared to rise from the belly of constellation Cetus the whale, symbol of the collective unconscious, and entered the constellation Taurus where she was discovered…

In brief, planet Sedna in mythology is the Inuit maiden who became the goddess living at the bottom of the cold Arctic sea after being injured and "tossed from the boat" by her father, seeking to save himself from her monstrous Birdman husband. Not only does she then rule the sea and earth animals, determining whether the Inuits will be able to sustain themselves through fishing and hunting, she also gains the massive feminine creative force of the Goddess –and she shows up in our charts in these images.

                                                                                                                  Sedna: Pitseolak Niviaqsi 


Sedna speaks clearly with the voice of the rise of the Sacred Feminine in the world, as the 11,000 year orbit of planet Sedna will be at its closest point in July 2083, returning from the depths of cold space. Her rising in Taurus reminds us that only the front of the Great Bull is visible in the sky, with the rear of Taurus described as submerged in water, or our ancient memories.

Sea Goddess Mexico City


Hathor  Egyptian Cow Goddess of Beauty -Dendera


To hear a beautiful expression of the energies of the rich land and water, enjoy: Rock Paper Scissors, Fairfield IA, express their one-ness with Mother Earth Goddess in "Land Between Two Rivers"





To learn more about Sedna and other Sea Goddesses –healing an ancient wound -in your chart, click here.

The Goddess dazzles from the most prominent lights in the night sky, the silvery, reflective Moon and, nearly every morning or evening…brilliant Venus will likely be the brightest "rising star" before dawn or "setting star" just after sunset. Learn more about the importance of Venus throughout world cultures from the Mayan to the Mesopotamian.

The Goddess Constellation

“After the union of the masculine and feminine –the mortal and the eternal –the “development in the womb” phase begins with the sea serpent Hydra constellation –represented by the Minoan Snake Goddesses bringing us the creative/artistic expression and the Great Egyptian Snake carrying Isis Sacred Child Horus on its back.”

Constellation Cancer. While this part of the sky isn’t bright it is a "star nursery," birthing more stars than any other area of the sky –perfect for the sign of Motherhood. It also has some of the most interesting sights for observation through our telescopes, like the Minoan "Bee Goddess’s" beehive and the lovely Rose Nebula


Beneath the Great Bull, the Gemini Twins and Cancer are the stunning Egyptian god Osiris (Orion) -with the prominent 3 stars of his belt pointing to the brightest star in the sky, "the scorcher," Sirius who represents his eternal lover, Isis (in Canis Major).




Isis’s magic brought Osiris back to life long enough to conceive Horus -depicted to the left where she appeared as a bird to conceive their son giving Osiris immortality. For those with a prominent Sirius in their charts, this brightest star offers immortality and the challenges related to having such a notable existence.

After the union of the masculine/feminine –the mortal/eternal –the womb/development phase begins with the sea serpent Hydra constellation –represented by the Minoan Snake Goddesses bringing us the creative/artistic expression and the Great Egyptian Snake carrying Isis Sacred Child Horus on its back.


The Hydra  carries Alkes the "cup" (or Holy Grail pictured as the God-CHild Horus) on her back - Rock Mom's Mary McCartney (Paul's mum) and Audree Wilson (the Beach Boys Mum) are "Alkes" Women Bearing Treaures - the Gift of their children.

To Learn more about Ancient Venus Cultures with their Bee & Bull Horn Symbolism, Eternal Sirius, and the Hive of Creativity, and the Hydra in YOUR Chart, click here

"Related to this great water snake Hydra, even in its astrological glyph, is the beautiful constellation Leo, in all of its regal splendor, representing creativity and children." Lions & snakes are among Goddess totems.


The Sphinx's Eternal Gaze: "Lioness Mother Protecting the Sacred Gifts...

Life in the form of the Food of Life and Future Generations."


The Fiery, Protective Goddess, The Egyptian Lioness, Sekhmet

  This Feminine Protector of Children and the Community, Leo, Later Became the Conquered Nemean Lion of the Greeks…In ancient times the GREAT Lion was gently tethered by her Goddess, Virgo--the Harvest Goddess bearing the Gift of On-Going Life.

Mother and Grain Goddess Virgo/Pomona Turns Her Back in Disgust at Humanity’s Cruelty...Stay tuned and listen…


The Ancient Power of Erishkigal and Sekhmet is expressed by Rock Paper Scissors’ "Vessel" with Gemma Rose Cohen (pictured to the right with her Leonine Mane), singing lead on this one.  Darla Murphy and Miranda Mallard complete the magical RPS sound.  The girls’ music, words and voices are a gift from Spica http://thebandrps.bandcamp.com/track/vessel




...Spica: The Beautiful Gift of the Goddess Virgo (and Libra) –Grain to the Greeks, the Christ Child to Christian Astrologers, and Special Talent In Everyday Life…. To learn if Spica is prominent in your chart, indicating your Gift, Click HERE



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